Slogans – Yoga Slogans


“yoga is a kind of action which keeps us healthy”

“Yoga is a discipline and meditation.”

“It keeps healthy. It makes m body strong. It is yoga”

“Stretch Out the Stress”

“Yoga is spiritually connected to Indian people.”

“Yoga is for Posers”

“Yoga: a boon to people on earth!”

“Balance your life.”

“Yoga takes nothing but gives you health and fitness.”

“Yoga: It’s a mind body spirit thing”

“Be alive. Be strong. Be fit. Be relaxed. Be happy. Just be.”

“Yoga is a live blessing of God to us!”

“BODY and SOUL a balanced role”

“Breathe, Relax and Be still.”

“Stretch your life span”

“Yoga is 100% natural without any side effect.”

“Reach your potential.”

“Release your anger and improve concentration through yoga.”

“Practice yoga and release your toxins out.”

“The focus on strength, balance, and flexibility.”

“There’s No Place Like Om.”

“Yoga: a way to improve inner strength and confidence.”

“Yoga everyday keys the doctor away.”

“Yoga for greater self control.”

“Yoga is for Posers.”

“Yoga is the key to flexibility.”

“Yoga is TWISTED.”

“Yoga woman play nice.”

“Yoga: It’s a mind body spirit thing.”

“You don’t have to be good at it.”

“Yoga provides us strength and strengthens our immunity system.”

“Yoga cures many diseases and hormonal misbalance.”

“Yoga helps you to find real peace and happiness.”

“Practice yoga and get relief of your anxiety and depression.”

“Reduce stress and improve your stamina through yoga.”

“Let your stress stretched out through yoga!”