Stories-The deer who changed the king


a king used to hunt deer , many deer died due to this .
one day , the deer king came to the king and said !!

“sir, many of my deer are dying every day ,
to stop this , we will send you one deer every day.”

the king agreed, he was also very impressed by the deer king and said ,
” you will never be hunted,” so, every day one deer presented itself to the king !!

one day , it was the turn of a deer who had a young baby ,
she went to the deer king and said !!

“o king ! i want my baby to grow then , i will go to the king .”

the deer king said , ” do not worry, i will go in your place .”
the next day, the king was surprised to see the herd king !!

the deer king told him everything ,
the king was impressed with the deer king’s sacrifice !!

he said ,”my friend i promise not to hunt deer any more .”