Stories-Land Of Chaos


once, in a certain kingdom, people were immoral.
there was chaos everywhere !!

thieves grew in number, well the king too had.
strayed from his path !!

now,god was watching all this from heaven.
he disliked what he saw !!

he wanted to teach those people a lesson.

so,he disguised himself as a forester and,
took a fierce dog with him to the kingdom !!

the dog barked so terribly outside the kingdom.
that the people got terrified and ran helter-skelter in fear !!

the king ran out to see what the entire ruckus was about.
he saw the forester standing with his dog !!

the fierce look of the dog scared the king too.
the forester said to the king,
“my dog is hungry and will eat everyone who has sinned”

the king got scared and so did the people.
he begged for forgiveness then, god revealed his true identity !!

the people as well as the king promised never to commit sin !!