Stories – Justice is served

A guy with dark hair, wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt with black tie, pants and shoes, grins as he shakes the hand of his taller blonde colleague, in white long sleeved shirt, red necktie, black pants and shoes, who looks happy upon seeing him

once there were two merchants, baku and raku .
they were very good friends, once day ,
raku lost all his wealth and became poor !!

he came to baku for help , baku was very kind and generous .
he immediately gave away half of his wealth to raku !!

a grateful raku promised to help baku,
whenever he needed his help !!

several years later , baku became poor .
he remembered raku and came to him for help !!

but raku had changed and refused to help him .
baku became sad and was very disappointed !!

now , baku’s servant heard everything .
he immediately went to the king and presented baku’s case to him !!

the king heard everything , he immediately order ,
that raku should share half of his wealth with baku !!

thus , justice was served as baku too had given half of his ,
share to raku when he had lost his wealth !!