The Slave and the Lion


A rich man had a slave. The man was extremely remorseless to him. So the slave wound up tired of his remorseless treatment. He chose to flee from his lord.

He got a shot and fled to a backwoods. There he concealed himself in a buckle. As he lay there considering, he heard the moaning of the lion.

He was startled. As the lion drew close, he saw that he was limping. The lion moved toward the slave and held out his paw.

The slave saw that his paw was swollen and a thistle was stuck in it. The slave drew out the thistle tenderly. The lion was soothed of agony and left. Thereafter they progressed toward becoming companions.

By chance the slave was captured by his lord’s men. He was conveyed to his lord who requested his men to put him before a ravenous lion. The day for discipline was settled.

The general population of the town were welcome to see the magnificent battle. The lion was liberated from the enclosure to jump upon the slave when he remembered him.

He presently progressed gradually towards him and started to lick his hands out of affection. It was a similar lion, his companion. The slave as well, tapped him.

It was a great sight for the general population. The lion was given to him as a reward. The slave was without set.

Lesson of the story is –  Kindness is constantly compensated.