The Wolf and the Shepherd Boy


A town was almost a woods. A shepherd kid used to touch his sheep there. He was exceptionally absurd and a liar.

One day he thought to play a joke. He began crying as loud as possible Wolf! Wolf! it was a harmless embellishment.

On hearing his cries every one of the villagers came running with sticks to encourage him. On coming to there they found no wolf.

Rather the shepherd giggled at them. They comprehended that the kid had befooled them. They came back to their homes.

One day a wolf truly came there and assaulted the kid. He began yelling as loud as possible Wolf! Wolf! Be that as it may, the villagers felt that he was attempting to befool them by and by.

They didn’t go to his assistance. The wolf slaughtered the kid and removed one sheep. The silly kid was slaughtered in light of the fact that he was a liar.

Lesson of the story is –  Think before you act.