Aladdin stories – Chapter- 8 ( Aladdin’s return home )


Aladdin could not believe that he had really escaped,
from the secret underground chamber!!

At first,he just lay down on the ground,
staring at the sky,then he looked around!!

every direction looked the same,with rock and said,
there was not even a tree in sight!!

finally,he rubbed the signet ring and,
called on the jinn!!

“please show me the way home,”
he requested,when the jinn appeared!!

“as you wish, master,”said the jinn.

within minutes, Aladdin found himself standing outside his house.
rushing inside,he saw his mother,but before he could say anything!!

he fainted from tiredness,when Aladdin woke up,
his mother gave him food!!

“where have you been, Aladdin?” she asked.
when Aladdin felt stronger, he told his mother,
about all the horrible things he had experienced !!

Aladdin then told her about the secret chamber under the earth.
full of treasure,he also showed her the old lamp that he found!!

and told her how the evil sorcerer had trapped him.
“it was only god who brought me out of there!!

else i would have died,” said Aladdin.
he was so glad to be back his little house !!