Aladdin stories – Chapter-7 (Aladdin’s Escape )


when the sorcerer trapped Aladdin inside the secret cavern.
Aladdin did not know what to do!!

at first,he shouted for help,but it was of no use.
he looked around,,but there seemed to be no other way out!!

the chamber had been dark to begin which,but now.
with the trapdoor closed,there was not even a glimmer of light!!

tired and hungry,he finally sat down on the,
step and started crying bitterly!!

he had lost all hope,he did not know how long,
he was stuck underground!!

finally,he prayed to god to show a way out and,
wrung his hands in despair!!

while wringing his hands,he accidentally rubbed the,
signet ring that the sorcerer had given him!!

immediately,there appeared a huge and fearsome figure.
it was the jinn of the ring!!

the jinn said,”i am tied to the ring your wish is my command,
since you wear the signet ring,you are my master!!

Aladdin immediately said,”i want to be taken outside.”

even before Aladdin realized it,he was transported outside the secret chamber.
it look Aladdin a few minutes to adjust to the light outside!!

then he hurried home,glad to have escaped!!