Aladdin stories – Chapter-6 (Aladdin and the secret chamber)


Aladdin climbed down into the secret chamber,
that the sorcerer had opened on the mountainside!!

it was very dark and cold inside the cavern,
but Aladdin went in bravely!!

the sorcerer had told Aladdin exactly where he
would find the lamp!!

Aladdin followed the sorcerer’s instructions
and arrived at a beautiful garden.

looking around,he saw the lamp lying in a corner.
it looked old and dull,Aladdin put in his pocket!!

there were golden trees everywhere,with fruits of
rubies and emeralds.

he plucked a few of theme and put theme in his pockets,
thinking that his mother would never believer his story otherwise!!

each gemstone was as large as an apple and heavy as a rock!

finally, Aladdin came to the step leading out of the chamber,
but with the lamp and the stones in his pocket!!

it was hard for Aladdin to climb up,
he raised a hand to the sorcerer and said !!
“uncle ,please help me climb up..”

“give me the lamp first,”instead the sorcerer.

but the lamp was stuck in his pocket under the gemstones.
“i can’t reach it ,” Aladdin replied stubbornly.

hearing this,the greedy sorcerer lost his temper.
angrily,he shut the slab and went away,Aladdin was stuck underground!!