Aladdin stories – Chapter-5 (Aladdin and the sorcerer’s secret )


during his travels, the sorcerer had heard of a treasure and
a wonderful lamp that lay in a secret chamber
under the ground!!

whoever possessed this lamp would be the richest and
the most powerful man on the earth!!

however, he came to know that this could be found only
by a poor boy named Aladdin !

So, the sorcerer decided to use Aladdin to get
the lamp for himself.

When they reached the rocky area, the sorcerer poured some incense
on the ground and chanted a few words!!

Suddenly, there appeared a marble slab with a brass ring.

Aladdin was frightened,the sorcerer said, Aladdin- i am not really your uncle.
i am a great sorcerer, but i need your help!!

how do i know that helping you will not hurt me?
asked the scared Aladdin.

the sorcerer gave Aladdin a signet ring and said,
wear this,it will keep you safe!!

go down the step and bring me the lamp.
you can take as much of the treasure as you like from there!!

Aladdin now understood why the sorcerer had been so nice to him.
there must be something special about this lamp,”he said to himself”!!