Aladdin Stories- chapter-4 (Aladdin and the garden)


Aladdin was a very lazy boy however,
the sorcerer had a plan in which he needed Aladdin’s help!!

One day, the sorcerer took the boy outside the city walls,
he promised to show him the most wonderful garden in the world!!

“Uncle,” Aladdin said, i never knew that there were.
so many gardens here!!

“there is a lot for you to learn,” said the sorcerer.
come i will take you to a hidden garden now!!

there, the trees are made of gold and the fruits,
of precious stones!!

Aladdin thought that the sorcerer had gone made.
but still, he thought what if he is speaking the truth!!

i would like to see such a wonderful garden,
so, they set off to see the garden!!

they walked for hours, but did not see any garden.
in face, as they climbed a mountain.
there were fewer trees and plants to be seen!!

finally, they stopped to rest.
they were tired and thirsty but the sorcerer was pleased!!

Aladdin has become strong. i can now use him for my
plan he thought!!

Meanwhile, Aladdin sat on a rock and wondered where the
hidden garden could be!!