Aladdin Stories- chapter 3- (Aladdin’s ambition)


Aladdin’s mother was very happy when she came to know
about his decision to work.

She thought ,”at last my son will earn some money
and become responsible.

one morning, the sorcerer said,” i want to introduce you to
some of the city’s merchants,”

Aladdin bathed and wore his new clothes then both of them
had lunch in silver dishes at a grand place.

they were joined by many of the merchants to,
the sorcerer introduced Aladdin to them as his nephew.

Although Aladdin enjoyed his day very much,
he was restless, he thought,”it is fine to be a
merchant and have so much money.

but i don’t really want to spend all my life trading!

on their way home, the sorcerer took Aladdin around the city and,
showed him the grand palace of the sultan!!

Aladdin had never seen such a beautiful building
in his entire life.

he now had a new ambition,
“he wanted to live in palace”