Aladdin Stories- chapter-2 (Aladdin at the market)


Once day, Aladdin was roaming aimlessly.
when someone run up to him and said!!

“there you are Aladdin,
your mother has been looking for you for hours.”

Wondering what was wrong, Aladdin went home.
There, he found the sorcerer!!

who had said that he was Aladdin’s uncle drinking a cup of tea.
“Aladdin,” he said “your mother tells me that you do not do anything at all”!!

you must become more responsible.
come with me and i will teach you how to be a merchant!!

Aladdin was not too excited,
as he did not really want to work!!

but the sorcerer gave him ten gold coin.
so Aladdin went with him quite happily!!

The sorcerer took Aladdin to the market
and bought him many new clothes!!

Aladdin had never possessed such fine clothes in his life.
he thought his uncle was a very nice men!!

the sorcerer said now that you are a merchant.
you must learn how to run a business!!

he then took him trough the different markets of the city.
there was the spice market and the food market!!

the jeweler market and the cloth market.
Aladdin was amazed!!

“he decided that he would like to work, after all”!!