Aladdin stories- chapter-1 (Aladdin and the Sorcerer)


Once, there lived a careless boy named Aladdin.
his father had passed away when he was very younge!!

His mother worked hard all day long to earn some money to feed him.
but Aladdin did not help his mother!!

He spent his whole day playing and roaming around the city.

Once day, when Aladdin was fifteen years old.
“a strange thing happend”!!

A men came up to him and said,” Are you Aladdin,
the Son of the tailor?”

Surprised, Aladdin replied “yes, but my father is no more.”

The men was actually a sorcerer.
he hold Aladdin tightly and wept loudly!!

“i am your father’s brother,”
“Please take me home to meet your mother”!!

When he met Aladdin’s mother,
He said it has been a long time since i left my birth place!!

my longing to meet my brother has bougth me back.
on seeng Aladdin, i just knew he was my nephew.

Aladdin mother was very surprised.
but she belived the sorcerer’s story!!

the sorcerer had dinner with them.
and when he left, he gave Aladdin ten gold coins!!

Thus,Aladdin and his mother started trusting the sorcerer.
no one knew what his real plan was!!!!