A Thirsty Crow


There was a crow. At an exceptionally sweltering summer day he was feeling extremely parched. He flew from place to put looking for water, however he couldn’t discover it anyplace. He was extremely dismal and disillusioned at not getting a drop of it.

Finally he saw a container of water. He flew down to the container and sat on its edge. When he extended his mouth to extinguish his thirst, he, saw to his extraordinary demoralization, that the water was exactly at the base.

His nose couldn’t achieve such a low dimension of water. He even endeavored to topple the container however proved unable. It was unreasonably substantial for him to move.

When he was going to fly in misery, he thought of an arrangement. Abruptly his eyes fell upon a few stones lying close to the container. He traveled to them, got the rocks one by one and dropped them into the container.

Gradually and gradually the dimension of water climbed and came up to the neck. The crow was thrilled to see this. He plunged his snout, extinguished his thirst and took off.

Lesson of the story –  Where there is a will there is a way.